Eliminate your homes Red flags to help it sell fast and for more money

Your home talks to me when I show it. It tells me what has been taken care of and what has been neglected. It does this by leaving little red flags for me to notice and evaluate while I am showing your home to buyers. Eliminate these flags and make buyers say WOW when they walk in your front door. Here’s a list of what you can do;

  1.  Clean and organize your home ! Top to bottom clean your house and get it organized. Take down the light fixtures and clean them too.
  2. Touch up paint and sheetrock. Your walls take a beating, go ahead and get these small issues taken care of yourself. It’s super easy,you can do it !
  3. Change all air filters in your home every 3 months & vacuum and paint all HVAC returns and boots if stained .Take care of this and eliminate anyone questioning your routine maintenance of your HVAC systems.
  4. Water leaks ! If you have had one and it is corrected now, paint the areas that were affected by the leak with a stain covering paint and then go back and paint again with regular latex paint.
  5. The outside of your home is very important too. Make sure all downspouts are draining a minimum of 28 inches away from the home. Keep grass and shrubs trimmed and well maintained. Keeping a nice organized tool shed conveys confidence to a potential buyer that you care for your property and take care of it . Don’t forget about cleaning the gutters too, nothing is worse than a home being newly listed on the market with clogged gutters.
  6. Do a walk thru of your home as if you were a buyer. Look for anything you can easily improve on and write it down. Moving some furniture around, moving your garbage can under a counter, etc.. small things like this really make a big difference.

These simple steps I have suggested above will help you sell your home faster and eliminate a large majority of buyer related concerns. It’s still all about making a great first impression !