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Welcome to SPI Brokerage. A place where you’ll find a multicultural team of licensed Real Estate Brokers in Charlotte NC available to help you sell and/or buy your property with the personalized attention you deserve.

Our Boutique approach means that our service will be tailored to your needs to feature your property in such a way that highlights its salient strengths.

We invite you to join our community of successful owners who chose Summit Properties International to guide their Real Estate transactions in Charlotte, NC. In SPI, we look forward to earn your trust and your business.

Meet our Real Estate Brokers in Charlotte NC.

Our team of Real Estate Brokers in Charlotte NC is expanding. Join our Boutique Company here!

Boutique recommendations to SELL your property.

Here is what our Real Estate Brokers in Charlotte NC recommend do to expedite the process:


Knowing the market conditions before selling your property is critical. We recommend doing an online research to learn comparables in the area and set a realistic price to negotiate with potential buyers. Our Real Estate Brokers will provide you with valuable insights to refine your search.


Select one of our agents to promote your property. He/she will become your partner in the business relationship to help you market your property to targeted buyers and negotiate with their agent while reducing any emotional attachment.


Even if you are selling “As-is”, consider doing and inspection to the property and avoid hiding significant problems. You can accommodate the space for potential buyers by removing personalized items, making small upgrades and having brighter illumination installed to improve curb appeal.


Collecting all relevant information about your property such as loan documents, rent rolls, copies of leases, mortgage information, environmental reports, and others alike, will improve the process to close your transaction in a timely manner.


Increase your chances of success by using high quality pictures to set your property apart from the rest when doing Advertising in the MLS or Costar, LoopNet or CraigList. Highlight the best features with clear view with an appealing price to attract and negotiate with prospects.


When closing a deal, it is very important to make sure you have proof of funds from the buyer side. Our real estate broker will work with you to get the best possible offer for your asset avoiding the use of secondary properties as contingencies to pay for yours.

Are you in the market to BUY a new property?

Finding a suitable property for your needs and budget is the most important thing for us. When buying your new home, office or shop, it is important to be guided and informed properly to make the right decisions with confidence.


Know what you are looking for.

Create a list of elements such as area, layout, capacity, floors, structure, green areas, access, amenities, etc, to define the type of property you re looking for. You don’t want to be too specific.

Identify Needs and Wants.

Use your list to understand and separate your “Needs” from your “Wants”. Your “Must Have” items from the list represent your needs and these should be taken care of.

Be Flexible.

Keep and open mind when selecting your property. Elements from your “Want” list can be used to compensate unattended needs and negotiate the amount of money you are willing to pay.


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